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Alexander Aylett

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About Alexander Aylett

Alex believed in a future where cities would play a vital role in maintaining and rebuilding our natural systems while being thriving, safe, and inspiring places to live. He was Professor of Urban Sustainability Governance and Innovation at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) in Montreal, and co-founder of ecoHackMTL. Alex was honoured to be a Trudeau Scholar (2007) and could not have achieved such a high level of academic success without the Foundation’s support. He was a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT, presenting the results of his research as the keynote speaker at the 2014 Resilient Cities Congress in Bonn, Germany.

The impact of your support

The Dr. Alexander C.E. Aylett Graduate Research Award in Environmental Studies has been created at UBC by friends and family in Alex’s memory. This award will recognize a graduate student in the fields of human geography or environmental geography, whose work focuses on sustainable urban development.