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Dr. Clyde Hertzman

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About Dr. Clyde Hertzman

Clyde Hertzman was regarded as a world expert in all aspects of early childhood development. A professor in the UBC School of Population and Public Health, the founding Director of the Human Early Learning Partnership, and a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Population Health and Human Development for over a decade, he was awarded the Order of Canada earlier this year in recognition of his incredibly influential research on early childhood development and population health.

The impact of your support

Family and friends of Dr. Clyde Hertzman have established the Clyde Hertzman Legacy Fund to support innovative investigation and community initiatives that contribute to the social and emotional development of young children. No other aspect of children’s development impacts so deeply on their life course. Social and emotional development in the early years prepares children to be self-confident, inquisitive, trusting, empathic, cognitively competent and capable of relating well to others. Dr. Hertzman increasingly understood this to be the core of human development.

Messages of remembrance

I first met Clyde when we were vacation-relief orderlies at Vancouver General Hospital in the summer of 1975. Even then he had a steady hand and a wicked sense of humour, both of which were evident as I practiced male catheterization on his thumb. Our paths crossed again a few years later when he was…

- George K. Bryce


Thanks to Clyde for his enthusiastic and generous communication of this research and its implications for communities and policy. He was an early leader in 'knowledge translation', speaking to interested audiences anywhere in an accessible and empowering way. Our job is to remember, and sustain the…

- Val Embree

child health planning circles, and friend

Clyde Hertzman: dynamic, inspiring, creative, intelligent, persistent, forceful, funny, charismatic, perceptive, visionary lighting the way for families and communities for generations to come.

- Judy Riddell

Community Child Care Advocate